Pioneered by industry’s experienced and dedicated professionals, Kent’s Construction & Engineering Company aim provides a comprehensive range of construction services including building renovation and maintenance, as well as building services like installation such as electrical, wall decoration and building data centers. In particular, Kent’s Construction & Engineering Company has achieved its excellence in its 40-year presence in Hong Kong.

Construction-related services mainly include::

  • CLP projects: electricity, 11KV room, 132KV antenna, underground cable, power plant maintenance and civil engineering, street lighting, etc.
  • All kinds of building, civil engineering, data center construction and maintenance of engineering and maintenance contracts.
  • CLP and labor management contract – electrician, mechanic, technician and supporting staffs.
  • PCCW Managing Contract – Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
  • Schneider Electric Managing Contract – Project engineers, security personnel and project supporting staffs.